Making Life Better Every Day for Your Loved One

Portrait photo of a senior woman having lunch

Without pausing and reflecting, moments in time will pass by all too easily.

Meridian’s Moments in Time Montessori based memory care program is designed to capture our residents’ special moments in any given time, to validate and allow purposeful living while interacting positively within their environment allowing them to function at their highest level.  We encourage our residents to age in place in an environment created to stimulate memories through senses, revisit and ignite life skills, and create new memories through personalized engagement.

Moments in Time Montessori-Based Dementia Program

The Montessori-Based Dementia Program® is designed to allow residents to be as independent as possible, able to make choices, and who are treated with respect and dignity.

Key Elements of the Program Include:

Purposeful Living  

  • Enable resident to positively interact with their environment and to function at their optimal level

Individualized Life Engagement Program

  • Created/designed based on the wants, needs, and abilities of the resident
  • Focus on each resident’s strengths and abilities that remain
  • Focus on each resident’s interests based on their memorable experience profile


  • Moments in Time Montessori competency testing
  • Family and friend’s education through support group and family resource library

Health and Wellness

  • Encourage each resident to maintain their independence as they transition through the dementia process through specialized programs
  • Provide a safe, supportive, and productive environment which allows their personality to emerge and encourages positive behaviors while maintaining respect and dignity

Family Connections

  • Enable family and friends to actively reconnect with their loved one as they actively participate in the educational process

Our Programming

  • Regency Palms is paving the way for what senior living should be through the addition of our Memory Care Director, Nancy Lopez, M.A.  Nancy has created a diverse program, providing a wide range of activities, personalized and tailored to the needs of our residents. As individuals age there may be modifications that will have to be made, but it does not mean there is a loss of interest for passions or hobbies. The programming at Regency Palms was created to not only help engage residents into activities that benefit their social involvement, but to also maintain and increase their cognitive capacity as well as physical capabilities. There is so much to enjoy about life, and there is so much to be thankful for, Regency Palms is here to make a difference in the lives of our residents, families, and community.

Nancy Lopez, M.A.

  • Nancy has dedicated her life’s work to helping seniors. Her passion was discovered during her first year of college when she began working for a retirement community as an Activities Assistant in 2009. She decided to change her major from Business Management to Social Gerontology in which she received her B.A. from CSULA in 2015, and in 2018 her M.A. in Human Development. While completing her coursework in college, she learned about the benefits of social interaction and engagement but was able to place that knowledge into practice while working in the senior living industry. She saw the impact and benefits that social engagement brings to an individuals’ overall quality of life, which is the reason why she continuously strives to raise the bar at Regency Palms Long Beach. We welcome you to come in to meet Nancy and her team.

We’ve been there. We understand.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.