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117 East 8th Street, Long Beach, CA 90813
Tel: 562-469-5908

Downtown Long Beach offers residents a particularly unique characteristic: a lifestyle where urban living meets the waterfront. From many local attractions offering the best amenities south of LA to the city’s most bike-friendly and walkable neighborhood, Downtown Long Beach takes livability to the level that only Long Beach can offer. Right off the iconic Pine Ave is a variety of restaurants to meet everyone’s pallet and the beautiful Shoreline Village offers a variety of activities, shopping experiences and seafood options for the seafood lover. Come see what downtown Long Beach has to offer!

Queen Mary is a permanent staple for this beautiful beach town, as a tourist attraction, hotel, restaurant, museum and event facility in Long Beach with many different events throughout the year for families and others alike!

From 1983 to 1993, Howard Hughes’ plane Spruce Goose, was located in a large dome nearby. The dome was later repurposed as a soundstage for film and television. The structure is now used by Carnival Cruise Lines as a ship terminal, as a venue for the Long Beach Derby Gals roller derby team and as an event venue.